Vacancy: Buddy Coordinator

For the upcoming half year (February 2021 – July 2021) we are still looking for a buddy coordinator.


As a Buddy Coordinator you are responsible for the buddy program of the organization. This means you will be dealing with our buddy volunteers and buddy seekers and assigning them to each other, so that they can do fun things together and practice their language skills. This requires you to continue contact with them to ensure everything runs smoothly within the program. Therefore you need to be strong in communication skills and be able to speak both Dutch and English. You will also have lots of contact with the rest of the board members including the weekly-held board meetings, and be involved in the overall functionality of Reach&Teach.


  • Needs to speak Dutch and English
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Motivated, responsible and committed
  • Team player
  • Strong communication skills
  • Flexible and available 6-8 hours a week

Interested in joining our team? Please send your CV + motivation to before the 5th of February!

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