Workshop: How to Find Your Ideal Job

On December 3rd Reach & Teach hosted a Job Search Workshop by Mohammed Aldirawi. Mohammed explained the importance of self awareness before you start your job search and inspired us to find the win-to-win zone. The area where you meet the employer’s requirements, while other candidates may not. During an interview it is important to be authentic and to imagine yourself doing the job already. Make sure to always ask insightful questions! We thank Mohammed for his insightful workshop and Laura & Nieves for organizing this event.

The Start of Classes!

On 25 October, the new academic year was kicked off with an introduction class for our new students. Thanks to our 16 volunteer teachers we are able to offer more than 50 students Dutch and English language classes twice a week. At the moment all our classes remain online, which enables us to accommodate students from outside The Hague area as well.   

New Board

Reach & Teach is proud to introduce our new board members for the Academic year of 2021/2022: 

  • Chair – Philip van Raak
  • Vice-Chair – Wendy van Eekeren 
  • Treasurer – Eveline Vos 
  • External Relations – Caroline Head
  • Secretary – Basanti Rai

We are excited to have their expertise, cultural values and drive in supporting our mission to facilitate the integration of newcomers to The Netherlands. 

We are thankful that our existing board members Maya Poeran (Academic coordinator), Myrthe Mulié (Buddy Coordinator) and Laura Winkelmuller (Events Coordinator) have agreed to serve Reach & Teach for another term.

Vacancy: Media and Marketing Manager

For the upcoming academic year (August 2021 – August 2022) as part of a new board we are looking for a Media and Marketing Manager.


As Media and Marketing Manager you are responsible for the public image of Reach & Teach on online platforms. Because of this, you will be in charge of curating and posting content to promote the organization and its work. You should possess a good eye for unique and intriguing ways of marketing and presenting the organization. Therefore you should be familiar with various ways of editing videos and images, as well as be acquainted with the many social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.


  • Creative and enthusiastic
  • Responsible and a diligent worker
  • Good communication skills
  • Time management skills
  • Good communication skills
  • Able to work individually and collectively
  • Flexible and available (max. 10 hours per week)

Interested in joining our team? Please send your CV + motivation to before the 31st of May!

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Breaking the Taboo

A new and exciting event is coming up for you!

Mental Health Awareness Workshop

📅 When: April 20, 2021 @ 19:00
📍 Where: Online
😃 For whom: Everyone!

Mental health concerns every one of us in every stage of our lives but is also very often forgotten or underestimated. Especially in these, for most of us, challenging and sometimes frightening times, talking about mental health is so important! So that is what we will do in our mental health workshop, which is open for everyone to join! We have invited a guest speaker who will give an insight into mental health problems, how to support others and maybe most importantly, how to take care of yourself. We will also provide room to share personal experiences and have open conversations. If this sounds interesting, sign up!

To sign up, fill in this survey:
To ask Karen an anonymous question fill this in:

Karen Walthuis will be our special guest speaker and she will provide new insights into mental health and all things associated with it. Make sure to check out her social media profiles which are linked below:

We are looking forward to it and really hope to see you at the event!



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Mental Health Workshop

Het beste uit de situatie halen

Corona Update

lessen gaan online verder

Hallo allemaal! We hopen dat het allemaal goed gaat gezien de huidige omstandigheden. We dachten dat we je even een update zouden geven over onze taallessen:

Vanwege de corona-uitbraak van vorig jaar moesten de persoonlijke lessen worden stopgezet. Gelukkig konden we dankzij het harde werk van onze academische coördinatoren alles online verplaatsen met Microsoft Teams. Sinds de online lessen in november zijn begonnen, doen onze docenten hun best om ervoor te zorgen dat de leerervaring van de leerlingen hetzelfde is als vóór de pandemie. De lessen gaan voorlopig erg goed, wat natuurlijk veel hard werk en toewijding vereist van ons team van vrijwilligers. Momenteel hebben we 35 leraren en 14 lopende klassen. Kortom, alles gaat zo goed als het kan!

Hier zijn enkele screenshots van de lessen die dit jaar hebben plaatsgevonden.

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Culture and Community

When: 11th of December 2020 at 18:30

Reach&Teach will be hosting an amazing event in December where we highlight and emphasize the beauty of all the different cultures the world has to offer.
Ofcourse, because of the current COVID-19 situation this event will be held online, but don’t worry, we are going to make it just as fun and interactive so that you won’t even realize it’s through a screen!

This event is also open to anyone, you do not have to be a member of Reach&Teach! We hope to see all of you there, ready to share more about your beautiful culture and to feel more connected to each other in such an uncertain time.

What will happen during the event?
There will be a part where everyone that has something to share about their culture, will get the chance to talk about different aspects such as their language, their food and even the holidays they celebrate. This will allow you all to bond and learn more about each other and the cultures of our world.

There will also be a workshop during the event called “How to survive winter in the NL”, which will gives you tips and help you to stay warm in the coming cold months.

Lastly, to make sure everyone gets to talk to one another there will also be a socializing opportunity where you can just chat and exchange ideas!

Interested in joining? Send an email to

We hope to see you there!



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Culture and Community

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Evenementen en inschrijf mogelijkheden

Below you can find all the links for the forms that you can fill in for our events or any opportunities related to Reach&Teach activities. This will keep getting updated with more links so make sure to also keep checking our social media for the information about these events!

Sign up for the lottery event on the 10th of June 2021: Lottery ticket

Sign up as a buddy volunteer or buddy seeker: Sign up to our Buddy system!

Order goods and services through Sponsorkliks to support Reach&Teach:

Sign up to our Buddy system!

At Reach&Teach we have a buddy system where we couple people together to allow them to learn more about The Hague, each other and build on their language skills! We are now accepting people to sign up for this amazing opportunity, so don’t miss it!

You can sign up to become a buddy volunteer or a buddy seeker.

Check our instagram for the post!

If you’re becoming a buddy volunteer, you’ll be linked to a buddy seeker. You get to do fun stuff together (keep in mind the COVID-19 regulations)like go get coffee, go on walks, have online chats, explore the city, or any creative activity you come up with. Based on your availability you hang out together, with no requirements for hours per week. It’s such a great opportunity to connect with each other, to have someone to share stories if you’re all alone here. Also a good way to practice language for them!

As a buddy seeker you get assigned a buddy volunteer who will think of all kinds of fun activities for you to do together and to help you get integrated into the Dutch life. They can share their experiences with you and teach you interesting things about the city and maybe even help you learn some more Dutch! All in all, a perfect way to learn more and have fun at the same time!

Click this link for the sign-up Buddy form:

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