“Giving back – from Student to Teacher”

Aladdin grew up in Damascus, Syria, where he did his Bachelor’s in architectural design. In 2015 he came to The Netherlands where he continued his studies in architectural design. Through Reach & Teach he initially learned the Dutch language. A few years later he returned to improve his English. ‘In order to get accepted into a Dutch University you need a very high level of English and my friend pointed out that Reach & Teach also offers English classes’.

After following Dutch and English classes at Reach & Teach, Aladdin decided it was time to give back and he volunteered to teach Arabic classes at Reach & Teach. ‘My English teacher back then is now a student in my Arabic class! I am so happy to pay her back for helping me with English.’ He continues: ‘I am happy when someone is willing to learn my language. Arabic is a very poetic language. We can describe things in many different ways.
We have 14 words to describe love for example. And of course, we write from right to left.’

‘When I arrived in The Netherlands, I found that social interaction is very different here compared to my home country. For example, in Syria, I knew everyone who lived on my street. But after almost 4 years here, I don’t even know the name of my neighbor’. ‘The events organized by Reach & Teach helped me a lot! I was able to meet others and make friends.


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