“I’m super happy to be part of Reach & Teach”

Thinking of volunteering to teach Dutch or English at Reach & Teach? Hear what others have to say. Here we share the story of Lina, one of the wonderful teachers at Reach & Teach.

Lina is originally from Germany, has lived in England and Ireland, and is now studying Global Challenges at Leiden University College in The Hague. Newly arrived in The Netherlands, she wanted to become socially active and looked into volunteering opportunities. Reach & Teach crossed her path and soon she started as a volunteer teacher at Reach & Teach.

‘Teaching English A1 has been a very rewarding experience for me’, Lina says. ‘Even though the classes are online, I feel like I’ve really made a connection with my students. Every week we are excited to see each other and share personal stories. Teaching online was sometimes challenging as you miss having a blackboard to write or draw something’. Lina continues: ‘It’s wonderful to see how much my students have learned! English is such an important language, in any aspect of life’. In English A1 the language foundations are taught and we work on building confidence to speak a new language. ‘I hope my students will continue to practice as they have such interesting stories and ideas to share’.

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