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Below you will find more information on the positions within our board. Our board members share what kind of tasks they need to complete and their personal experiences as a board member. Generally, every board member holds the position for at least one year.


Alyssia Sewratan


As the chair of the organization I am responsible for the proper functioning of the organization. It sounds like a tough job, but it is a lot of fun! The chair works with every single board member closely and guides and helps them wherever he/she can. Additionally, the chair leads the weekly board meetings and makes sure we are all on top of what is happening within the organization. I regularly hold individual meetings with the board members to hand out projects that are crucial to the organization as well as to track their progress and discuss any issues they are facing.

The position is a very social job and it has allowed me to hone my management and leadership skills. Sometimes it is a bit crazy to believe how, as chair, you are ultimately responsible for 9 board members, 40+ volunteers and 80+ students (these are the statistics for my year)! Of course, this incredible team has made it very easy for me to manage the organization and the success we have booked I dedicate to them.


Fee A’mema

The vice-chair position is quite dynamic and the tasks are different every time. I help the chair by providing an extra set of eyes on matters. Additionally, the vice-chair helps other board members wherever possible and needed. Keeping an overview on everything is thus very important in this position.

Continue reading to find out more about Fee’s second position as Outreach Coordinator!

Outreach Coordinators

Fee A’mema and Elena Hellner


The outreach position is responsible for two main tasks: fundraising and partnerships. We are a non-profit organization which means that our goal is not to gain financially from our work. However, we still need money to keep our organization going. One of our main pillars is to keep our language classes as accessible as possible, which means we want to keep the classes for free, provide books, and create events which facilitate the integration of our guest-students. We are constantly looking for ways to fund these activities.

Our second task is creating and maintaining partnerships. We wish to reach and help as many people as possible, in order to do so we look for partners that can further help our guest-students integrate. An example is a collaboration event based around cultures, cv and motivation letter building, job coaching, and integration. This position requires strong communication and collaboration skills. It is truly inspiring to work with organizations that are willing to help us financially and have a similar goal in mind as us. It is also quite important to have patience, not everyone replies as quickly as desired and funding applications can take a while before you see the actual goal you were working towards. Nevertheless, it is rewarding work.

Academic Coordinators

Ramona Elkmann, Bethany Josh and Maya Poeran


The Academic Coordinator position is responsible for organising and overseeing the classes at Reach & Teach. The responsibilities entail recruiting and interviewing potential teachers, testing and placing the students to the correct language level, overseeing the distribution of teaching materials, conducting teacher training, assessing the quality of each classroom, and being the contact point for all of our 35 teachers and 88 students.

What I like most about my position as an academic coordinator is the direct interaction with our students and teachers. I have the opportunity to engage with inspiring people from all over the world who wish to contribute to the vision of Reach & Teach and are willing to go above and beyond to make our contribution to society happen

– Ramona

During the Corona period, the Academic Coordinators are also in charge of ensuring the facilitation and smooth operation of online teaching. The Academic Coordinator role is essential for the effective and quality-driven delivery of Reach & Teach’s language classes. 

Beyond the position responsibilities, the Academic Coordinator(s) is also a member on the board. The role of a board member includes participation in weekly meetings in which the board discusses, to name a few, the financial management, legal governance, and direction of Reach & Teach as a whole. Each board member is responsible for cooperation with each other and ensuring the smooth operation of Reach & Teach in all aspects.

“I really like meeting new people from different cultures and countries. During my time at Reach & Teach, I had the opportunities to learn and listen to the stories about people’s lives. These stories gave me another perspective of the things that happen in the world.”

– Maya


Helen Queis

“What I enjoy most about being the treasurer at Reach and Teach, is that I also get to work alongside the other board members to work on professionalizing Reach and Teach. I enjoy the meetings where we brainstorm and discuss ideas and find ways to continually improve our organization, and leave behind a well-organized organization for the upcoming board.” 


As treasurer, you are responsible for the financial aspect of the organization. Tasks include keeping track of the cash book, making payments, keeping track of finances and the financial position of the foundation, making an annual financial report, preparing the budget, and more. Additionally, the treasurer has to approve all payments that other board members need to make. 

Specifically within Reach and Teach, the treasurer is also responsible for creating statistical analyses. This is important to keep track of the students, teachers and other volunteers that are involved with Reach and Teach. The treasurer gathers the data and transforms it into statistical reports.

PR Manager

Ana Meulenberg

“This position requires quite a bit of creativity, and I also have the freedom to take initiative and design and work on my own projects within the realm of PR. This is a great position for me to develop myself as a member of a team but also professionally and creatively.” 


As the Public Relations Manager I am responsible for the overall public image of our organization. This means I control and also create the content on our social media and website, but also look outside the box to create other interesting ways to advertise Reach & Teach and what we do. Some projects within PR also require me to take initiative in reaching out to members of the organization, as for example with the ‘Humans of Reach & Teach’ project in which I interview people of the organization and write their stories to be posted on our online platforms.

Due to the current pandemic however, most work is done from behind my laptop screen so I also need to think outside the box to continue creating content. I also work together with the rest of the board members to find solutions to other functional problems and get their input and ideas for projects I might be working on. In the weekly board meetings, I try to contribute to discussions so that we can create solutions for matters that cannot be solved individually.

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