Het Bestuur


Reach & Teach’s bestuur houdt zich bezig met het volbrengen van onze missies. Op deze pagina vind je meer informatie over het huidige bestuur. De meeste bestuursleden bekleden hun positie voor een academisch jaar.

This year’s Board is pleased to serve you!


Philip van Raak

Philip manages the Reach & Teach team. With his sharp wit and endless enthusiasm, he leads the team in making a genuine impact on the integration of newcomers to our country. He is involved in all aspects of Reach & Teach and is ready to support and lend a hand any time. Philip hails from Breda, The Netherlands, and studies for his Masters in Management of the Public Sector.

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Wendy van Eekeren

As Vice-Chair of Reach & Teach, Wendy oversees all activities and is there to support where-ever needed. With her background in marketing & sales and her experience of living abroad she brings a unique perspective to the team and comes up with new ideas and initiatives. She always remembers the one thing everyone else forgot to think about, which keeps the team very sharp.

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Basanti Rai

As Reach & Teach’s secretary, Basanti is vital in making sure we remain focused and organized. Basanti is originally from Nepal and moved to The Netherlands at the age of 6. Like no other she knows what it’s like to start over in a new country. She is therefore super motivated to help others settle here. She currently studies International Studies in The Hague.

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Eveline Vos

As Treasurer, Eveline manages the fund raising and finance at Reach & Teach. She brings a wealth of experience from her work at other NGO’s and is therefore invaluable to the further growth of our organization. She approaches challenges with great determination and focus and always gets the job done. We are very lucky to have her on our team.

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Academic Coordinator

Maya Poeran

Maya ensures the smooth operation of our most vital function – our language classes. Whether recruiting teachers, interviewing students or working on our curriculum, her role is the backbone of our organization. There is no other way to say it: we would be lost without Maya. Maya is a Masters student of International Relations specializing in Historical Perspectives and comes from Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

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External Relations Manager

Caroline Head

As External Relations Manager Caroline is in charge of exploring and developing partnerships with organizations that support our mission. Her professionalism, politeness & cleverness help us win over the hearts of many of our partners, which makes her the perfect spokesperson for Reach & Teach. Caroline is originally from Fonthill, Canada, and came to The Netherlands to study International Studies.

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Events Manager

Laura Winkelmuller Real

Laura is in charge of organizing the Reach & Teach events aimed at connecting people and sharing information. Originally from Tenerife – Spain, this Political Science student’s natural flair and sunshine spirit ensure that everyone feels welcome at Reach & Teach! Laura brings lots of creative ideas, is super motivated and always there to support her teammates.

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Buddy Manager

Myrthe Mullié

Myrthe is the coordinator of our Buddy program, aimed at facilitating social connections for those who are new to The Netherlands. Whether recruiting volunteers, connecting people or during board discussions, Myrthe is super involved and always ready to help others. Beside her work at Reach & Teach, she is doing her Masters in International Relations – Global Conflict in the Modern Era.

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